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9 July 2009

Speaker: Jo Parfitt

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Few things can boost your reputation more effectively than publishing a book. And in these tough times, having a book to sell can also create you a nice passive income stream. This workshop will let you find out once and for all whether you have a book in you, what sells, where to find your wow factor and the best ways to make the most money in the least time with the least effort.

This workshop is offered to you by Jo Parfitt, author of 26 books, publisher, journalist and editor. Since 2002 she has helped more than 50 budding authors get into print. Some of them made it to Amazon bestseller status. To find out more about Jo go to and pick up her free report ’50 Steps to a Book in Your Hand.’

Jo Parfitt, Writer, Teacher, Speaker and Writers’ Mentor shares what she knows to help others to grow. Looking for inspiration? Sign up to her Inspirer newsletter, read her blog and catch her on Twitter

skype: summertimejo



Workshop participants are welcome to network from 19:00 to 20:00. 
The program begins at 20:00. 

Registration and Guest Policy: Registration is required for members (no charge) and guests (25 euro).

Please note guests are allowed to attend two EuropeanPWN-Amsterdam events per year and are welcome at a cost of 25 Euro that includes snacks and drinks. For any membership questions, you can contact Judith Dieleman, our VP Membership.

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  2. I have just tried to register for Jo Parfit’s workshop on 9 July, but am experiencing difficulties with payment page. Is there any chance I can pay cash on the day?

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