Mentoring Group ZZP & Entrepreneurs

13 September 2010

Organizer: Eleonore Breukel

Eleonore Breukel welcomes the zzp’er/entrepreneur mentoring group to their first meeting. This group was formed as a result of a request by attendees to the June mentoring meeting. Membership is closed at this time.

Please contact Eleonore if you would like to stay informed or to participate in a future group mentoring workshop.

Please contact Anna if you are interested in starting another mentoring initiative or if you are looking to be a mentor.

Please note this event is “by invitation only”. No registration is possible via the website.

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About Anna Farrenkopf

Anna has been coordinating the borrel since 2005. She enjoys searching out new restaurants, cocktail bars and exploring the Netherlands. She welcomes all suggestions to share in your favorite places. Member suggestions brought us all over Amsteram and as far as Enschede, Paris and London! By daytime Anna is a research and development chemist specializing in hardware and software debugging. She has been recently involved in quality control and quality assurance for an instrumentation manufacturer but her personal life required (1) a sabbatical and (2) relocation to Friesland: summer is coming and she is a passionate sail racing crew. Her specialty is trimming the spinnaker and winning races! focus focus focus concentrate concentrate concentrate hold your course

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