September borrel: Women Leaders – The MMS way featuring Dr. Carter-Scott

14 September 2011 18:00to15 September 2011 20:30


Dear ladies,

In  cooperation  with ABN AMRO and Amsterdam Bright City we are pleased to welcome  you to our next borrel- and speakers event in Amsterdam. This time we have chosen for the location of Grand Café Amsterdam Bright City at the Zuidas,  near  WTC Station.  This  wonderful  location  will be another opportunity  for  networking  and  finding inspiration in your personal and professional  life.  We  are  welcomed by Mr. Douglas Grobbe. He is  managing  director  at  ABN  AMRO and a founding member of Amsterdam Bright City. He will introduce ABC to you and importantly he will introduce Cherie Carter Scott, Ph.D. founder of MMS Institute.

She  is  the  author of is the author of several bestselling self-help and life-coaching publications.
Her  #1 New York Times bestselling  book, If Life is a Game, These are the Rules is used as a  text  in  100  university and colleges throughout the United States. In 1974 she founded the MMS Institute, LLC.The  Institute  has been  focused on executive business coaching, management skills training, and Personal and Professional Development. The Institute has the Dutch international affiliate, The MMS Worldwide Institute, BV located  in Amsterdam, and operated by  Lynn U. Stewart, Dr. Carter-Scott’s sister.

Dr. Carter-Scott’ topic is: “Women Leaders, the MMS Way”. She will  speak about Women Leadership and what she has learned being an Entrepreneur for the last 37 years working on five continents, in 30 countries, and being a #1 NY Times Bestselling author with 15 books to her credit, and featured appearances on Oprah!

Amsterdam Bright City

The  Grand Café is the pulse of Amsterdam Bright City and this is  where thebest  meetings  take place. Located at the
Amsterdam Zuidas in the heart of this  modern  business center in the corporate world, Amsterdam Bright City is  open  from  8 am till 8 pm Monday to Friday. The Grand Café  matches the rhythm of the different times of the day. The ambience of the Grand Café is regularly  the  backdrop  for inspirational  activities. These range from economic  and  philosophical  debates,  to book launches and  appearances by  DJs,  bands,  theatre  and dance groups. These events are, usually, free of  charge  and everyone  is welcome. After all, Amsterdam Bright City aims to  bring   people   together.  Look at  the  website  for more

Cost and registration

Drinks are available at the bar. You are asked to pay for drinks upon arrival by buying special coins at the bar when entering the Grand Café. The Grand Café offers a great location for drinks and dinner.
Dinner is possible at your own cost.

Please make sure you register your attendance (either as a member or as a guest) via the EPWN website Alternatively, you can send an email to Caroline van Leuven at

Please also don’t forget to de-register if you are not able to make this event! We would like to know in advance the number of attendees in order to create a convenient event.

Directions to the venue

Amsterdam Bright City is located near Amsterdam WTC Station. Coming by car, parking is available at the Q-Park at the Gustav
Mahlerlaan. The entrance of the Grand Café is opposite the passengers-entrance of the Q-Park.

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