Emancipation Monitor 2010 – Strong rise in female labour participation

February 17th, CBS (Statistics Netherlands) published the Emancipation Monitor 2010. There is some positive news to tell. Labour participation and economic independence of women increase in spite of crisis. Labour participation of women rose from 54 percent in 2005 to 60 percent in 2009. New figures show this remained stable at 60 percent in 2010.

These are just some of the conclusions of the Emancipation monitor 2010 published jointly by Statistics Netherlands and the Netherlands Institute for Social Research (SCP) officially presented to the Minister responsible for emancipation policy, Marja van Bijsterveldt.

In the period 2001-2005 net labour participation (the percentage of people with a job of at least twelve hours a week) of women aged 15 to 64 years remained about the same. After that it rose substantially: from 54 percent in 2005 to 60 percent in 2009. The newest figures (which are not in the Emancipation monitor) show that the rate remains at 60 percent in 2010, too. The target of 65 percent, as set in the policy document Meer kansen voor vrouwen (More opportunities for women) in 2007 has therefore not been realised. The labour participation of men fell by 2 percent points during the financial crisis, to 74 percent in 2010.

For more information:
- Press release in English: http://bit.ly/CBSmonitor2010
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The complete text of the Emancipation Monitor is available via www.cbs.nl and Dutch bookstores.